St Tropez, Kids’ paradise

Who said that kids were not welcome in St Tropez. Certainly not the Luxuria kids Birthday St Tropez teams in any case who this season again will do their best to please your little blond heads.

Of course, for many, St Tropez is first and foremost the jet set, the artists, the Champagne bottles at Nikki Beach and at the Caves du Roy, the girls and the eccentricity taken to the extreme.

But not only that, there is also another St Tropez, quieter, less exposed where kids can also find their place and have as much fun as they want.

kids birthday st tropez
Azur Park St Tropez

This St Tropez, however, is visible as soon as we approach the village with the Azur park where all the trendy attractions for kids meet: Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousels, slides, karting, pirate boats without forgetting the famous shooting stand, duck fishing and other barbapapas and popcorn.

And the kids’ party doesn’t stop there. On the beaches of Pampelone too, we know how to give pride of place to activities for young people. It is not uncommon to meet clowns, magicians and other specialists in the world of kids. Unless your kid prefers water activities and there again he will be served.

Finally, there is St Tropez nature with its tree-holes, horse riding or discovery activities.

Luxuria organizes your turnkey events and kids’ birthdays in Saint Tropez

When it comes to kids’ birthdays St Tropez remains at the level of what it has always been, which is the cradle of excellence and creativity.

Present on the peninsula for more than ten years, Luxuria Kids Birthday St Tropez is part of this dynamic and offers to a high-end clientele custom-made concepts in the field of kids’ events.

First of all, Luxuria Kids in St Tropez, it’s a perfect knowledge of places and sites dedicated to kids and we offer our clients personalised advice in terms of choice.

Then, since 2014, Luxuria Kids has acquired one of its service providers and now has its own workshop for the manufacture of decorations for children’s birthdays as well as a park with more than fifty attractions including a multitude of structures, bouncy castles and carousels, the largest choice of wooden games in St Tropez and a multitude of decorative elements.

We have also formed a team of chefs and pastry chefs specialized in the creation of candy bar, birthday cakes, cup cakes and pop cakes in St Tropez.

Today, Luxuria Kids is a turnkey service for kids’ birthday in St Tropez.

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