Paris: a unique playground
Paris, the city of lights has always been a place of celebration and reception, it will be the same for the organization of your kids birthday paris, so that your children have an exceptional memory of their birthday in the French capital. Paris is a beautiful city that has everything you need to make your child’s birthday a success. Take advantage of the space of your Parisian apartment or make yourself available to unique places, the agency Luxuria Kids will help you in the organization of your beautiful kids birthday paris. Paris is in itself a city where space is a playground: organization of a life-size treasure hunt, or privatization of a space in a beautiful park of the capital while enjoying games, decorations and of animations, Luxuria Kids will accompany you in your step and will be at your listening as well as that of your child. Paris is full of unique places and places that can be put at your disposal as well as that of your child and his friends so that they can spend an unforgettable afternoon of activities in a space that has been completely remodeled only for his birthday by Luxuria so that he has unforgettable memories.

Appeal to the imagination of your children
The imagination of your children is sometimes limitless and the agency Luxuria Kids will channel these ideas of kids birthday paris to deliver a birthday of high-end child in Paris. The agency will take care of everything, whether artists, animations, games or a specific decoration. Whether you want to immerse your child in a world of superheroes, take him or her into the magical and spectacular world of Harry Potter, or make him enjoy a magnificent show of magic and illusions … Luxuria Kids knows what pleases to the children and all the team will accompany you for this trip which will touch you also. The imagination of the children is without limit and Luxuria knows how to materialize the wishes of your children. For years, the agency Luxuria Kids organizes birthdays for sublime children. As a parent, all you have to do is enjoy your child’s birthday party with him instead of thinking about the whole organization. Appealing to Luxuria Kids is a guarantee of tranquility for you, your child, as well as for all guests, whether they are the friends of your children or your friends, for a happy moment. Also, you will also dive into another universe for a day or an afternoon with your children.