Various birthday themes
Organizing a kids birthday Paris is not a simple thing and Luxuria Kids accompanies you in this task that is almost a mission from the point of view of parents. For your child, which place to choose, is it better to do it outdoors, in a suitable place or at home, what decoration, what entertainment, what type of cake, etc. Fortunately for you, the agency will accompany you for your kids birthday Paris and the sensational birthday party of your cherub. With more ingenuity and thought, Luxuria Kids selects a panel of themes that will appeal to your child: an immersion in the spirit of pirates with a reproduction of a boat, a treasure hunt, and a whole team of – almost true pirates, a science fiction spirit with robots and lasers or a plunge into fairy tales and princess with the reproduction of a real functional princess castle and various activities. Diving children into another world for a day is the ultimate goal of a beautiful birthday party in Paris. Especially since the agency Luxuria Kids will bring you much more than that for the highlight event of your child that represents his birthday. As an adult, the agency will not forget you, and you can also enjoy a bespoke service and totally at your disposal with all your guests.

A passionate agency
For more than fifteen years now, the agency Luxuria Kids organizes kids birthday Paris, for the happiness of your children. Always attentive and attentive to the choices of its customers, the agency has evolved in the organization of birthdays of prestigious children. The creative spirit is the DNA of the agency which knew, from year to year to sharpen its creativity in order to always deliver events which are differentiated, and especially which are appreciated. Thus, even if Luxuria may have already realized an event on the theme of Avatar, it can quite organize a second for your child, which will be totally different from the previous organized. Between the accompaniment for the choice of the place, the type of animation planned, the type of sweets and cake, and various activities, you will have carte blanche for the biggest happiness of your child. By entrusting the organization of this wonderful event to Luxuria Kids, you will be able to fully enjoy your family, and let a passionate and professional team organize your child’s event. Moreover, organizing your event in Paris gives you access to a whole range of places, activities and activities that the whole agency will be happy to share with you.
All the agency Luxuria Kids is serving the birthday of your child with more creativity, for a guaranteed effect.